Customer HelpSign-in tips for borrowers

tips for borrowers

This page shows tips and tricks for borrowers so they don’t lose their sign-in information.

Tip # 1: To find your subdomain, look for the e-mail confirmation sent to you by

The registration email confirmation looks like this:


Tip # 2: Upon registering, you will have chosen your own subdomain. Your Account URL/address is composed of two parts:

Combining the two will produce the full address that you should type on your browser address bar.


a. The subdomain you chose when you registered: “mapleleaf”

b. Your location is US, which means you use (not .ca)

In this example, your full address, which is where you will be logging in, is

It is a good practice to save this address as a bookmark in your browser so you can get back to it in the future.

What if I forgot my URL?

The first thing you can do is to look for the registration email coming from If you can’t find that, please contact your lender and they can help you recover your Account URL.

Remember: If you are on the correct Account URL, your will see your Business Name under the ‘Account’. If you just see this:

You can enter your subdomain and country in the form, and you will be redirected to the proper Account URL. Otherwise, you will have to contact your lender so they can send you your URL.